Barry McCullough

Hi! I'm Barry McCullough

Fine Art - Paintings, Mono Prints, Drawings/Sketches and Photography

I love color, form and light, my work celebrates this. Colors washed by wind, rain, mists and soft sun, my interior world is more tropical, inspired by extended trips living in the Peruvian Amazon. Creatures, people, places and things encountered in visions and in treks. On the borderlands – exhaustion, all night ceremonies and exotic wildness, all experienced in a state of total freedom.

My paintings, drawings and photographs represent my experience of moments in time and place. Whether or not they depict ‘real objects’ matters little to me, as, in front of the canvas or through the viewfinder, I work with fleeting impressions. Like painting from dreams.

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Selected artwork is available only as fine-art archival prints. This option is shown in the description of each piece, (when you click on the thumbnail image). Please use my contact form to find out more.


I mostly use 'old fashioned' film and cameras in my photography, including my Polaroid SX-70 camera. Some of these unique images are available for purchase as fine art prints. Find out more by using my contact form.


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  • Address: California, USA

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